Cassiopeia Territory

The owner has all the rights on the Land were the Castle is been constructed at Paphos, Pomos, Cyprus. Inside the newborn nation the Castle is been constructed by the royal family, it will become the Capitol of our Nation. Empress Maria took control over the 4 Elements Castle area and made it the Cassiopeia’s Capitol building.

While Duke Dr Andros Skourides have made the laws for the 4 Elements Castle which are bound to his Medical Unit, the Empress has given the opportunity to the Duke to rule together as Equal rulers over their Nation but the Duke refused the offer and stated that he didn’t felt the call to lead yet and might never feel it. They will bring this Castle to its splendor by fusing it with the legend, the story and the Empire of Cassiopeia. This nation it’s not a game, it’s not a funny toy, it will never change for anyone, the people should respect the rules and respect each other inside the Cassiopeia borders. Cassiopeia Nation will have amenities when the building is completed.

You will be allowed to stay there and we will make sure that your stay will bring lost memories of the old wonderful times of the past century, that’s the reason we building the Castle so that the people can live the experience of royalty and warmness of the past centuries. We will be pleased if you enjoy it for a price that would be reasonable of course. We accept offers and ideas for projects or offers for cooperation with other individuals that share the same passion with us.


Tel. +357 96 714 672 / +357 99 784 005

Monday – Friday 8:30am-5:30pm

Saturday & Sunday 8:30am-5:00pm

Territory which includes  over 2273 square meters

Lower Scenic Nature Dr

Guides : Cyprus, Paphos, Pomos

Area Codes Covered: 35°09’10.1″N 32°32’45.5″E 35.152808, 32.545982