Cassiopeian Nobility

Monarchy favors the title holders and will give them the opportunity for lifetime of pleasure and respect. The nation is a Lord’s second home. We are the only Nation that allows people to enter the Capitol and stay inside the Castle dwellings, for them to have a true feeling of living on a castle and travelling back in time where everything was a bit magical and pure. Many of us wanted to become a part of a Sovereign Nation and to walk on a Castle garden. We know that it’s impossible to become a title holder in any country and treated as one.

 In our Sovereign Nation you are able to become a Noble Citizen and you will be treated as one inside the borders of our Sovereign Nation. Citizens are also allowed to enter the castle gardens for free, although there is visiting time table for visitors. So the people that will stay inside the dwellings are not disturbed by the visitors. A visitor is not allowed to enter the pool. Only people that already renting a dwelling will be able to enter. There will be kids pool along the adult pool. There will be gifts from the empress appointing to anyone that rent a dwelling. Becoming a noble citizen will benefit you for free stay some days or discount over your stay. Please ask the staff before you purchase and read the conditions.

THE CITIZENSHIP AND TITLES are given by the Empress and are novelty titles . -NO ID cards or Passports or traveling documents, NO Visa or Green Card are issued in our nation… To visit us you must have a license to enter Cyprus. You cannot be a resident of our Nation. Not yet at least. You can rent through the year or visit when you like to.


The Royal Family

Her Imperial Majesty ‘’HIM’’ Empress Maria

Her Imperial Highness ‘’HIH’’ The Crown Princess Dalida

His Royal Highness ”HRH”  Prince Dr Andros(MD) is the Duke of the 4 Elements Castle

The Ruler of the Empire

The Empress passion for the constellation is what driven her to Seal Cassiopeia Empire with this brilliant name. Empress Maria of Cassiopeia it’s a regnant ruler. Her Daughter will be the next Empress of Cassiopeia Sovereign Nation when she reaches 20 years of age and will rule until her daughter reaches 20 years old or until her death if has no children. A son to rule must reach 40 years of age and has to be elected by all the Royal members. There will be elections only once at his 40th birthday and if any of them vote against him he will never be Emperor. The state will be ruled by the Royal family all together and will initiate and vote together for new laws or change of law at any time of that state. The new Empress husband will be nothing more than a Duke. And will pass the title to his sons.