The History of the Mythical Cassiopeia

The History of the Mythical Cassiopeia Empire

Cassiopeia Empire… the Mythical History of a Great Nation. Breed from an Andean Queen at 1552, who survived the destruction of the Incas civilization, by the Spanish campaign. The journey through the Amazon. The travel to the Atlantic Ocean. The Warlord Amon, the man who saved the kids carried by the Queen Alcmene at the battle of Corsica at 1769. Queen Alkionie the daughter of a crown empress, an adopted Prince, to cover the grief of a father who lost his son from Cholera. The 2 families, were lost for 243 years. Met again to make, the strongest marriage ever recorded in history. At the Museum of the Castle of 4 Elements, you can view, the bow of Amon and the jewels of Queen Alcmene. The stone that sealed the Empress to rule. 2 identical necklaces, two rings. All made from a single stone.

The History of the Mythical Cassiopeia. Eternal Queen      Selene II

Selene the 2nd was the Eternal Queen of Cassiopeia Nation that was located at the Andean territory that was claimed and controlled by the Incas before 1533 AD.

When the Incas were vanished the Queen that was left alive fled towards the Amazon forest with 10 men loyal to her Father, they reached the middle of the rain forest and were lost for several days, until finally found the route to Balem. From the adventure on the rain forest they lost 8 men from snake, jaguars, wolfs. The Queen was left to travel alone after the men showed signs of smallpox disease. She fled to the sea by paying a pirate with a Viking ship to take her away from the Continent, she arrived at the island of Cape Verde at the end of the summer and stayed there for 3 years. The Pirate gave back to her the money she payed him and asked her to marry him. He also stayed 3 years with her at the Cape Verde. He was astound by meeting a Queen, she was also mesmerize by his beauty. The Pirate was originally from Ireland and he had red hair and beard, something that the Queen never saw before. She was Caucasian because she came from a Northern Family of the American territories, but we do not know exactly from where her father came from. She asked the pirate to become a normal merchant  and offered him 100 gold coins to start his business. He couldn’t make the agreement and fled for South America. He then came back to her 2 years after, he was sick and died from Typhus the following year. Queen Selene II went to Santa Cruz and she stayed there for the rest of her life while she had 2 daughter and a son. And her daughters grow up and had 2 kids each. The son was not recorded in any history, The Queen had a Brother which his path is unknown to us. Except his son Helios there is nothing we know of the Queens Brother. Helios was adopted from the Queens brother while his son was taken by Cholera. Only the Prince army made it to Corsica and followed Alcmene as there Leader. We are not sure who the mother of Alcmene or their names was. No records exists.

The following years the family traveled with their lords to Corsica between the years 1750-1757.

 At 1769 at 8th – 9th of May Her Imperial Majesty Alcmene leader of the Royal regiment of the Andean Descendants having 500 mercenaries fought their last battle for the freedom of Corsica Island, they have fought together with Corsican people bringing all 500 Loyal Men from the Prince Regiment to the alliance, they fought bravely but the enemy was too great and were all lost at the Battle of Ponte Novu.

Alkione daughter of Empress was send by Alcmene, away to survive while Empress Alcmene was running behind her daughter to protect her. She had 3 arrows struck her back while she maneuver through a small pine tree forest in order to buy time for her kid to flee (Alkione and her cousin Helios) she just fell of the horse on a small creek the enemies followed her in order to kill her and lost the kids for a moment. She was struck by the arrows and died while she haven’t knew her daughter and cousin will be saved by a stranger who was part of the Resistance. The Warlord Ammon was nearby and stood against the 3 horseman alone. The horsemen didn’t took serious the warlord and charged at him and were lured into his trap. 4 spears was next to a bush and gutted 2 of the horses while he had time to take the life of the 3rd enemy with an arrow. The bow of Ammon is saved until today and is seated at the castle museum. It’s a Hun longbow made from a lemon tree route.

Cousins Helios and Alkione was Separated in order to lose their tracks while they were send to exile at the shores of Santa Cruz {Alkione} and Cape Verde {Helios}. Both were raised without seeing each other until 30 years passed while they met in Malta as the plan was, at 1799 they were introduced again with their family tree been unknown to them. Those 2 families were separated and lived 1 in Malta (Italy) and the other in Samos (Greece).

Alkione made a daughter named Amara and she made a daughter named Antiope and she had a daughter named Ariadne.

They were never seen each other again. 243 years passed and 2 Relatives of the families were met and married at Cyprus Island while they had their daughter at the 2nd year of their marriage. They found out they carried the same family gemstone that both Alkione and Helios carried (given to them by Empress Alcmene). A very weird Imperial Topaz that was worn by both families, on a male female ring and 2 identical necklaces given by their families made of Opal. Both kept the neckless and rings. Our Empress holds a silver coin from 1703 from Queen Annie as well, it was given to the family as a friendship token by the Queen. Prince Dr Andros had the bow of Ammon from his Grandfather.

Both rulers are resetting the Empire and refresh it, making a fresh foundation to set upon and last through time. Thus the Castle is been Constructed with the biggest capacity that our Prince is Capable of handling by expenses and building capacity,

It is stated that Prince Andros is the Duke of 4 Elements Castle and refused to become an Emperor as he stated that Her Imperial Majesty Empress Maria will handle the Empire with more care and love, because of her passion for Nature and love to the animal life. The Prince have not given a statement for the Laws or Constitution. He is mostly a silent figure spending his time at his Medical unit inside the 4 Elements running every morning to the sea and swimming at the Northern monument of the sea. The rest of his day is spend curing patients and making small surgeries on an everyday routine.

The Empress Maria is a more complex woman, growing the Crown Princess making all the cleaning and preparing food is a morning job as for knitting of fleece making dreamcatchers, jeweler, collecting ideas for future events and seeking for professional opportunities in businesses and consulting others for their business.

Prince Andros supports the Templar Knights of Europe and helps anyone that needs assistance.

Prince Andros statements during the construction. When you are constructing a big thing you cannot really see any progress, you get frustrated and most of the time you will be thinking to quit. The heat never helps either, the sweat reminds you that shade will be awesome and the pain from your body is constant.

You have to believe that what you doing its holy and you will stop for no one and for nothing. Plenty of times you realize that people watching you doing something that they cannot understand. Smile and don’t get upset. They are what they have the Ability to be.

It has become an addiction to think about what I am about to build. The sweetness of the building It’s haunting me every night. And every night that passes I want to build a bigger one. I guess we are all through the same road. We all thought of bigger and better. Is it Lust or is it the pursuit of greatness that thrives within these thoughts?

I guess none will give the answer to the other one. A question that always stays behind, no one has the courage to answer it with pride. All will follow the same way but all will judge at the end. I know I would and I hate that I would realize I made a mistake after that. The problem is that the foundation was first drawn to be 130 square meters, it is more than 350 square meters at this moment, and I am thinking if I can grow it more. Its time comes next week and I think I will try to keep it at 350. It’s already too big.

The castle is set to be around 2000 square meters (21,527 Square feet). 1000sqm for the Royal family and 1000sqm for the visitors.