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Princess Titles : Nefertiti/ Luna /Olympias /  Selene / Eurydice/ Kassandra/ Amphitrite/ Cynane /Amunet /Paradisia

For our young Ladies we have some special treat as well. If a parent wants to make a present to his young Lady: Snow White/ Rapunzel/ Jasmine/Ariel/ Mulan/Belle/Cinderella/Elsa/Merida/ Pocahontas/Anna/Aurora. All the names will be followed by Cassiopeia. *For example: Princess Elsa of Cassiopeia*

(You have to be over 18 years old to buy a title for yourself)

10 Princesses Titles      $1000 on conditions

A princess will benefit from free stay 3 days every year for 10 years anytime of the year (after booking of course). Will always have a spectacular room for you . It is a nest dwelling the highest of them and the most luxurious. There is no doubt you will love the view and your stay. This title will also get you the HIGEST title Ever existed in Cassiopeia, its Only 10 Titles DON’T lose it, we will never sell it again! The 10 princesses will be able to sell their title if they wish but have to informed us for the sale so we can document the new princess Name. To avoid fraud.  In order to use the Eden Room on normal conditions will have to pay 150 euro per night. Which of course the Princesses will stay for free for 3 days every year with their family. Remember women of Power!!! This is a women world!! You can become equal in Royalty with our Prince. HRH Prince of Cassiopeia is actually a Duke of the 4 Elements Castle.

Lastly you can choose a name and will be accepted as a Royal Lady. Meaning you can enjoy all our amenities without cost and become a Deity above all citizens and nobles. Even Princesses and Prince Andros that it’s the wealthier and strongest pioneer in our Sovereign State after Empress Maria has to salute and show his respect to those Great Goddesses. 1 step higher than all the rest of Cassiopeia members.

Those 3 Names will give you the strength to make your own Cassiopeia Kingdom at your own Kingdom/Castle/Temple. And Expand the Empire (for the cost of $5 000). That’s the dream of Our Sovereign Nation, not only to be part of it but to make 1 step further. To Build and expand so you can visit, stay there safely, feel like home in all countries that wish to combine with us. We don’t just support the idea. We MADE this Empire for this reason. That is the Empires Destiny, Being part of our Empire with your own Cassiopeia Kingdom/ Castle or Temple, means you are a part of the idea, means you can travel to us and enjoy o free staying for a week every year. We can ALSO TRAVEL TO YOU AS ROYAL FAMILY AND WE EXCPECT THE SAME!!!!. If many countries combine to this then we will be in Vigorous position to travel to our Nation States and enjoy the Sovereign Spirit and ideas everywhere. Imagine this for a moment. It can be done. All you need it’s a decision. We are open for business plans, business requests and empire matters with other people . If you cannot sustain a visit from people then you cannot be part in this plan. So to make it clear. If there is no Castle/ Temple/ Kingdom then you cannot have the power to use a Pharaohs name and rule a kingdom as a Queen of Cassiopeia(head of your State) part of our Empire. All the profits from your Castle/Kingdom/Temple will belong to you. Of course there are conditions on how to make your kingdom on how to use your Name but are all easy to understand and manage. You need to inform us and prior to your visit you must make an appointment with ‘Her Imperial Majesty’ Empress Maria.

Conditions are not limiting your actions. Is just to ensure the correct constitution and the alliance between our Castles since they are under the same Banner.

Inanna (Sumerian Goddess) /Amunet (Egyptian Goddess) / Oshun (African)



This title will be available just once. No other person can have this title but one. You can sell your title to someone else if you wish to.


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